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Bowls England Statement

FBC – Procedures During Covid – 19 Outbreak

You should have all read the Bowls England document from May 14th. This is the basis of the plan formulated. Fundamental to the whole scheme is to prevent there being more than 6 people at the club at any one time. To achieve this, we require an offsite rink booking system. We are working on providing a booking system on the website and hope to have it operational shortly.

We have a workable proposal to get us bowling which will be used until the online system is operational. It is as follows:

Members without access to internet will be given details of who to telephone to book a slot.

It is essential that members should be safe when on club premises. This will require a regime of cleaning and limiting exposure.

Access to the clubhouse should be limited.

The clubhouse should be cleaned every day, recording what has been done. This cleaning will involve the toilets and any surfaces players are likely to have touched.

The water and disinfectant to clean the jacks and mat will be renewed every day. A tray and a bucket will be placed adjacent to the equipment shed. A hose pipe will be available to rinse the equipment before play.

A sheet will be displayed to indicate the direction of play and the rinks in use for example N-S 1,3,5 or E-W 2,4,6.

The booking spreadsheet has rinks A, B, C. A would be either rink 1 or 2, B either 3 or 4 and C either 5 or 6.

A notice has been put on the gate similar to that displayed by the tennis club.

Also, a notice will be posted in the window of the clubhouse reminding members of these procedures and their role in ensuring we can enjoy a limited amount of bowling whilst staying safe.

Chris Holt

Please feel free to check back regularly to this page as any changes will also be posted here.

Last updated: 23rd May 2020

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